My All-Digital Instruments Electronics Lab

I've been building up this set of equipment on my bench at home over the last few months, with some older kit reused. It's the minimum needed to do embedded development and I don't even have a bench power supply yet. I can get away without one since the dev kits are USB powered, but when I need one I have my eye on the Gophert NPS-1601

my all-digital electronics workbench

From top left to bottom right

Monitor - 19" LG Flatron L1710B

1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz
VGA and DVI inputs, USB hub with 2 downstream USB-A.
Was £360 in 2003.

Laptop - Dell XPS 13 9343

13" 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz matte non-touch display
Intel i5-5200 CPU @ 2.20GHz (Broadwell-U, 14nm, 2 cores, 4 threads)
8 GB DDR3 RAM, 256 GB SSD Liteon L8H-256V2G-11M.2
Intel HD Graphics 5500 
Windows 10 Home
USB3 Type A x2, Mini Display Port, 3.5mm phones/mic, SD Card slot

Liteon disk results in AS SSD Benchmark 1.7
Read: Seq @ 514 MB/s, 4k @ 22 MB/s, Acc Time 0.12ms
Write: Seq @ 225 MB/s, 4k @ 57 MB/s, Acc Time 0.08ms

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Mini Display Port to DVI/VGA/HDMI Adapter - TopElek

Full HD 1080p on DVI & VGA, 4k on HDMI

Buy (Amazon) was £17 in 2021.

USB 2.0 Type A to 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet Adapter - UGreen

Buy (Amazon) was £8 in 2016.

Signal Generator/Arb Waveform Generator - FeelElec FY6900

14 bit, 250 MSa/s, 2 Channel, 8k point arb. 100 MHz freq counter.
24Vpp to 5MHz, 5Vpp to 60 MHz.
2.4" colour screen. 34 built in waveforms, 64 arb memories @ 10 MHz.
Comes with 2x BNC to croc clip leads.

My post - Choosing a signal generator

Manufacturer Page

Bought from ebay, was £75.

Bluetooth Mouse - JETech 0884-Mouse-BT-BK

Buy (Amazon) was £10 in 2016.

Bluetooth LE USB Dongle - Nordic nRF52840-Dongle

Buy (Mouser)

USB Flash Drive - Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0

64 GB

Buy (Amazon) was £18 in 2015.

Oscilloscope - Siglent SDS 1104X-E DSO

4 channels, 100 MHz Bandwidth, Dual 1 GSa/s, Quad 500 MSa/s
7" 800 x 480 display, 14Mpt depth, I2C, SPI, UART, CAN, LIN decodes (2 at once)
1Mpt FFT, 80k segments, history function, 38 measurements with stats.
Ethernet RJ-45, USB-B, USB-A, BNC Trig Out.

My post - Choosing A 'Scope For Embedded Use

Buy (Telonic) was £445 in 2019.

Probes - Siglent PP510

1x, 10x switchable. 100MHz, 3.5ns rise time on 10x. 1Mohm/10Mohm. 150V/300V.
Supplied with SDS 1104X-E

Nordic nRF52-DK Development Kit

Buy (RS)

Nordic nRF51-DK Development Kit

Buy (Mouser)

ST STM32F4 Discovery Development Kit

Microprocessor is STM32F407VGT6 

Cortex M4 @ 168MHz, 1 Mbyte Flash, 192k RAM

Manufacturer (Dev Kit)

Manufacturer (micro)

Digital Vernier Calipers - WuXi KaiBaoDing Tool Co, Model 0-150

Range 0-150mm, Resolution 0.01mm

Bought from ebay, was £8.

Soldering Station - Yihua 995D

Hot Air blower 500W, 100-480°C in 1°C steps, adjustable airflow
Soldering Iron 75W, 200-480°C in 1°C steps
Sleep timer in 1 min steps, auto sleep from insertion into holder
Includes tip cleaner.

Uses Hakko compatible tips. (Pack of 12, was £4)

Bought from ebay, was £75.

Buy (Banggood)

Meter - MS8221 DMM

From Maplin several years ago, 3.5 digit autoranging, nothing special and annoying that it reverts to AC every time you turn it on. But it replaced an analogue meter and at least you don't have to get polarity right to avoid damaging the meter.

Buy (Amazon)

If buying a new one today, I'd probably go for a Brymen BM235 or if budget allows, BM869.

Silicone Mat 35x25cm

Bought from ebay, was £7.

Anti-static wrist strap

When working on particularly sensitive or expensive device, PC construction or repair etc.

Cat - British Blue Shorthair Male

Not shown.